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Cookie monster crater found by NASA astronomers on Mercury


An impact basin dotted with two small craters on Mercury that was discovered by NASA astronomers looks like the Cookie Monster from Sesame Street.



Astronomers at NASA spotted a crater on Mercury that looks like the cookie monster.

An impact basin on the planet is dotted with two small craters that makes them ressemble the cookie-eating monster from the Sesame Street fame.

Researchers from NASA's Messenger mission posted the pic on their Flickr page a few days ago asking "Anyone Else Think This Looks Like the Cookie Monster?" reported BuzzFeed.

The craters were likely caused by asteroids a very very long time ago.

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"The superposition of younger craters on older craters (in this case two smaller craters upon the rim of an older crater) can result in landforms that appear to resemble more familiar shapes to human eyes," the scientists wrote, according to

"More generally, the Law of Superposition allows scientists to determine which surface features pre- and postdate others, leading to a better understanding of the geological history of different regions of Mercury's surface."

The Messenger probe was launched in 2004.

It became the first spacecraft to enter orbit around Mercury in March 2011.