Pakistani girl shot by Taliban making 'slow, steady' progress as thousands rally


Pakistani civil society activists carry placards with a photograph of the gunshot victim Malala Yousafzai as they shout anti-Taliban slogans during a protest rally against the assassination attempt on Malala Yousafzai, in Islamabad on October 10, 2012. Pakistani doctors removed a bullet from a 14-year-old child campaigner shot by the Taliban in a horrific attack condemned by national leaders and rights activists.



A rally for Malala Yousufzai drew tens of thousands to Karachi today as the 14-year-old Pakistani girl showed slow, steady improvements in her recovery from a gunshot wound.

Doctors said they are still observing the girl and haven’t made a decision to fly her overseas for additional treatment, AFP reported.

“Doctors have reviewed Malala’s condition and are satisfied,” Major General Asim Saleem Bajwa told AFP.

“She is making slow and steady progress which is in keeping with expectations. Recovery from this type of injury is always slow.”

Taliban militants shot Malala and two classmates as they walked home from school on October 9.

Malala has long been an outspoken advocate for girls’ education in Pakistan, which drew the ire of the Taliban.

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They shot her in the head in retaliation for her promotion of “western thinking,” The Associated Press said.

Pakistan’s largest political group, Muttahida Quami Movement, organized today’s rally.

An air ambulance from the United Arab Emirates is standing by to fly Malala out of Pakistan if necessary, the AP said.

Work to secure visas for the airline’s crew and six doctors is underway.

Police arrested four men in connection with Malala’s attack while Pakistan posted a $100,000 reward for information leading to her attackers’ capture, BBC said.

Officials questioned but later released about 200 people.

Many speculate Malala’s shooting would spur an offensive against the Taliban in its traditional North Waziristan stronghold near the Afghan border.

Bajwa, however, wouldn’t reveal plans.

“Such decisions are not taken overnight,” he said.

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