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Massive Art Museum for the Price of a Subway Ticket

Today's Geo Quiz features an unusual museum.

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Its quite an extensive collection of art that started to take shape back in the 1950"²s. Now there are more than 90 galleries and installations. Thousands of tourists visit what's often described as the world's largest art museum.

But mind you, we're using the word museum in a very broad sense. Tour Guide Marie Andersson says this museum exhibits diverse art, "we have painted cave stations, we have sculptures, we have three pillars decorated in different ways, so all kinds of art."

One of the galleries has blue and white paintings on its cave-like ceilings.

Admission to this huge art space is cheap… just the price of a subway ticket. Where is this museum?

Imagine an art museum that spreads out over 70 miles, a sprawling complex of galleries and sculpture exhibits.

Admission is 40 kroner, the price of a subway ticket. The answer to today's Geo Quiz is Stockholm's Metro.

Marie Andersson is an art guide in what's sometimes called the world's largest art gallery: