Ann Romney's popularity rises, new poll


Ann Romney, wife of Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney, will guest-host ABC's 'Good Morning America.'


Kayana Szymczak

Ann Romney's popularity is surging, hot on the heels of rival, MIchelle Obama, according to a new ABC News/Washington Post poll.

Both women are also more popular than their husbands.

Ann Romney's favorability ratings jumped 12 percentage points between April and October as she went on the campaign trail and people became more familiar with her, ABC News reported. 

The findings confirm a long-standing truth in American presidential politics: spouses have generally fared far better than their husbands in personal popularity.

In the poll, Michelle Obama is 12 percentage points more popular than her husband; Ann Romney nine-points above her husband, Mitt Romney.

ABC News said Michelle Obama is regarded favourably by two-thirds of voters, putting her on par with that of Barbara Bush (73 percent) and Laura Bush (66 percent) during their husband’s re-election campaigns. 

She continues to outpace the popularity of her husband, the Washington Post reported.

While Ann Romney remains lesser-known than the First Lady, she has gained backers in recent months with 56 percent of voters having positive impressions of her. 

Coincidentally, the poll figures come on the day Ann Romney will co-host ABC's "Good Morning America", alongside George Stephanopoulos as a stand-in for Robin Roberts, who is undergoing treatment for a blood disease, The Guardian reported

She follows a long line of candidates' wives, including Michelle Obama, who have taken to daytime TV.