Sudanese diplomat in Norway accused of spying on refugees


Aerial bombing is nearing South Sudan refugee camps.



A Sudanese man in Norway has been arrested on charges of espionage. Norway's police intelligence unit accused the suspect of spying on refugees in Norway who fled from Sudan, Views and News from Norway reported. It’s believed to be the first espionage-related arrest in Norway since the 1970s.

The suspect came to Norway in 2004 and found a job and permanent residence. He allegedly claimed to be a refugee. But authorities say that he has actually been secretly obtaining information on refugees and sending it to Sudanese authorities, The Foreigner reported

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Even more frightening for locals is that a diplomat may have been in on the espionage. Norway's Foreign Ministry accused the arrested man of spying on behalf of a Sudanese diplomat, Reuters reported. Norway expelled the diplomat today on suspicion of espionage.