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Red Cross appeals for money to aid poor in Spain (VIDEO)


A volunteer loads food to give to charity institutions, in Lisbon on May 31, 2011. Like Spain, growing ranks of the hungry in Portugal continue to increase. Many rely on charities to survive.


Patrica de Melo Moreira

In its first-ever public appeal for money in Spain, the Red Cross is asking for donations to help assist the increasing number of Spaniards living on the ragged edge of the economy.

Before the country's economic crisis, the Red Cross "mainly helped immigrants," the BBC reports. But now one in four of working-age adults are unemployed. More people require basic humanitarian aid, and that includes food hand-outs.

Spokesman Miguel Angel Rodriguez told the Associated Press that "the agency is looking to round up some 30 million euros ($38.87 million) over the next two years to help an extra 300,000 people."

The Red Cross announced the campaign under the title, "Now More than Ever." The annual collection day is Wednesday.

The BBC's Tom Burridge wrote,

"[The Red Cross] is one of Spain's most recognized charities, known in the past for public appeals for disaster-hit or poverty-stricken countries abroad. And a campaign in Spain, to help Spanish people, is symbolic and will draw attention to the often invisible, social impact of the economic crisis."

Here's the heart-wrenching commercial: