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Pizza Hut promises free pizza to anyone who asks candidates about pizza at next presidential debate


Pedestrians pass a Dunkin' Donuts and a Pizza Hut in Brooklyn, NY. On July 2006, New York City Council member Joel Rivera proposed, in an attempt to fight obesity, legislation that would limit the number of fast food restaurants in the city.


Mario Tama

Pizza Hut would like you to think less about foreign policy and more about pizza. In a new video posted on its website, Pizza Hut is offering voters the ultimate consumer challenge: anyone who gets on live television for the upcoming presidential debate and asks the candidates about their pizza preferences will win a lifetime supply of free pizza.

“The next debate is town hall style, which means real people asking real questions,” an actor portraying a news anchor says in a Pizza Hut commercial. “With that said, if someone asks a question about pizza during the next debate on Oct. 16, Pizza Hut will supply them with free pizza for life.” Specifically, participants must ask the candidates “Sausage or pepperoni?” or “Pepperoni or sausage?” during the live broadcast of the debate.

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Questions for the town-hall style debate will be screened, but Pizza Hut hopes that people will somehow overcome those obstacles and ask about pizza anyway, USA Today reported

The p.r. stunt is part of Pizza Hut's fake political party marketing campaign, called the Pizza Party.

Financial records posted on Sunlight Foundation's campaign database however show that Pizza Hut might be more in tune with the Republican Party than the Pizza Party. According to the records, people who said they worked at Pizza Hut donated $29,426 to elections this past year, with the majority of that money going to Republican candidates.