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DJ Mannasseh Phiri Spins Tracks from the 'Say Africa' Recording


Vusi Mahlasela's CD "Say Africa" (Credit:

Today, I want to share with you the music of Vusi Mahlasela and his album "Say Africa".

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Vusi Mahlasela is from South Africa and the producer for this, his third release, is Taj Mahal who is from the United States.

Vusi Mahlasela came to light in the mid-90s when he wrote songs and poems about South Africa in the post-apartheid era.

I will dedicate the title track to all Africans living in the diaspora, whose hearts are still in soil and in the dust of the mother continent of Africa.

The songs I played for you are: "Ro Yo Tshela Kae," "Vezubuhle" and the title track "Say Africa".