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Whale found dead in Boston Harbor


The flukes of a Humpback whale August 5, 2010 off the shores of Provincetown, Massachusetts. Many vacationers spend their time watching Humpback, Minkke and Finback whales as they swim in the Stellwagen Bank National Marine Sanctuary.



A rare 50-foot finback whale has been found dead, floating in Boston Harbor.

Authorities will take samples of the whale today for an autopsy in an attempt to determine the cause of death, officials said. 

Petty Officer Robert Simpson told ABC News the whale was spotted early yesterday and the Coast Guard took a team from the New England Aquarium to examine the whale.

The Boston Herald reported it was the first time a whale has been reported this close to Boston in about 20 years.

Tony LaCasse with the New England Aquarium told the newspaper the cause of death was not known, however it may have become entangled in fishing gear or hit by a ship.

“In this particular case there is a lot of blood, which is an indicator of trauma, but we can’t see the trauma,” he said.

According to the Coast Guard, after samples are taken from the whale, authorities will then begin the disposal process.

The finback whale is the second longest whale in the world and is on the endangered species list.

According to LaCasse, it can swim about 25 to 30 mph, earning it the nickname “the greyhound of the sea.”