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iPad Mini truthiness scale: What's Apple really going to release? (VIDEO)


The iPad Mini could hit stores this November. Screen shot via AppleInsider of a supposed mockup of the new device.



Following the unprecedented sales of the iPhone 5, it is no surprise that Apple will soon push its next product, the iPad Mini. 

Rumors are flying that Apple will announce the new iPad Mini on Oct. 17 with a release date of Nov. 2. 

Of course, before this release can happen, we must go over the truthiness scale of iPad rumors. 

The iPad Mini will be the thinnest iPad yet. 

According to Apple Insider, the iPad Mini will measure in at a staggeringly small 7.69 millimeters. The latest iPad measures at 9.91 millimeters. 

The iPad Mini reportedly measures in at 5.3 inches wide, and 7.87 inches tall. The full-size iPad is 7.31 inches wide and 9.5 inches tall. To combat the fact that there will be less screen space, Apple reportedly compensated by giving the iPad Mini a thinner screen frame.  

Hypothesis: Probably true. Apple is attempting to make the iPad Mini about the size of the Kindle Fire, and these specs are pretty close. 

The iPad Mini will get the new smaller charger.

Like the iPhone 5, the new iPad Mini will be getting the new double-sided adapter. This will make it easier for Mac addicts to use one single charger for different products.

Hypothesis: Definitely true. If it wasn't true and Apple made users continue to use two separate chargers there would most likely be a revolt of epic proportions. 

You will have to hold the iPad Mini differently than the iPad. 

According to, the new iPad Mini will have to be held differently than the traditional iPad when in portrait mode. "You will need to hold it from the back more like you hold a phone (or one of those 7-inch tablets above). This is not hard, and in fact, it is the de facto way I tend to hold a Nexus 7 even though it has a bezel," 9to5 reported. 

You will however be able to handle it like a traditional iPad when in landscape. Confused yet?

Hypothesis: Does it matter? You can hold your iPad however you damn please. 

The iPad Mini will get a front camera for video conferencing. 

This one is hard to figure out. According to ApplePro images, there is at least one iPad Mini model coming that does not have a front-end camera. This could be because Apple is planning on launching a lower-end, thus lower-cost, version of the iPad Mini. 

Hypothesis: A front-end camera would be a huge step forward for the iPad. Odds are Apple won't leave it out, thus true. 

The iPad Mini will be cheaper. 

According to Apple Insider, the iPad Mini will cost between $249 to $299, making it comparable and competitive with rivals like Kindle and the Nexus 7. The cameraless option, which will likely be Wi-Fi only, could be as low as $200. 

Hypothesis: For something smaller, it had better be cheaper. True. 

Bonus: Here is a video reportedly of the iPad Mini mockup.

Will you be buying the iPad Mini?