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Amanda Perkins Williams allegedly torches car for breast implants


Amanda Perkins Williams


East Baton Rouge Sheriff's Office

A Louisiana woman went to extremes to get money for breast implants.

Amanda Perkins Williams, 23, is accused of setting her own car on fire in hopes of using money from the fire damages to pay for breast aumentation surgery, ABC News reported.

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She told police in Baton Rouge she tossed a Burger King wrapper in the gas tank, dumped gasoline through the sunroof, lit the wrapper and walked back to her apartment to take a shower.

Hours beforehand, Williams allegedly warned neighbors not to park in or go near the lot, Baton Rouge TV station WBRZ reported.

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But one man didn't get the message.

His car suffered $14,000 in damages because it was parked next to Williams' Mitsubishi Eclipse, according to ABC News.

Williams now faces charges of simple arson and arson with intent to defraud.

Her father, Tyrone Perkins, maintained her innocence.

“We’re going to defend ourselves in court. We were advised by her lawyer not to talk to anyone. All it is, is crazy,” he told ABC News.