Father shoots and kills his adopted son during a suspected robbery attempt in Fairfield, Conn.
Credit: Larry W. Smith

In what reads like an ancient Greek tragedy, a Connecticut father shot and killed his own son who he thought was a burglar.

The boy, Tyler Giuliano, 15, was spotted by his aunt, who lives in the neighboring home, in her driveway wearing a black ski mask, reported the Waterloo Record.

Frightened, she called the boy's father who rushed out of his New Fairfield, Conn. home with a pistol.

Noticing a shiny metal object in the boy's hand, he opened fire and killed him.

The incident occurred around 1 am ET.

After pulling off the mask he found his son laying lifelessly in the driveway.

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Though details are sketchy, it is believed that the boy, who was adopted by the Giuliano family, was possibly attempting to burglarize his aunt's home, said the Daily Mail.

Police also did not specify if the boy was found with a weapon.

Newsday said that it was still unclear whether the boy's aunt called Giuliano or police first.

Charges have not been filed yet.

"All in all it's a tragedy," state police spokesman Lt. J. Paul Vance said.

This is not the first "father kills son" tragedy that GlobalPost has reported on.

In July, a police officer shot his son during a vacation in upstate New York, believing that he was an intruder trying to enter his motel room.




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