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Smuggling Pizza Ingredients Into Canada

For our Geo Quiz we're trying to track down some pizza rustlers, some cheese pizza rustlers.

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Police in Southern Ontario are investigating an unusual criminal case that involves some local pizzerias.

It's no joke. It seems someone has been smuggling cheap pizza ingredients north across the US-Canada border. Smuggling cheese across the border — may not seem as serious as drugs or contraband but it's still very profitable and illegal.

So can you name a Canadian town located along the Niagara River (the river that flows from Lake Erie to Lake Ontario) where police have been visiting joints like Super Mario's and Zappis to uncover an US/Canada cheese smuggling racket?

We're still on the case of those cross border pizza cheese smugglers.

Seems someone's selling contraband American cheese to Canadian pizza joints. CBC News reporter Dave Seglins tells The World about the allegations of smuggling and corruption that are buzzing around some pizzerias near Niagara Falls, Ontario.