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Moon rock, largest ever, goes up for auction


Moon rock found in Libya could fetch nearly $400,000 at auction.


Heritage Auction

The largest moon rock ever auctioned is up for sale to the highest-bidder online until mid-October.

The lunar meteorite, which weighs four pounds, could fetch well over $300,000 say experts, Fox News reported.

The rock in question, called Dar al Gani 1058, fell from the moon and landed in Libya.

The rock, being put up for sale by Heritage Auctions, was found in 1998.

It would be the most expensive moon rock ever sold if it gets the price experts predict, said International Science Times.

The website said that this is despite the fact that collectors value moon rocks collected by astronauts during missions, rather than those that fall to Earth.

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Fox News said that the rock is the fourth largest piece of the moon available to the public.

"When it comes to the market for moon rocks, size does matter — but so does origin," said Robert Pearlman, editor of space history and artifacts site, said Space.

"For example, three seed-sized pieces of the moon that were brought back to Earth by a Russian robotic probe in 1970 were sold at auction 30 years later for $442,500." 

The opening bid for the rock was $170,000.

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