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Saudi Blogger Rana Jarbou's Niqab Experiment

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Rana Jarbou in a niqab. (Photo:

Rana Jarbou is a 30-year-old blogger, who is currently researching a book on graffiti in the Arab countries.

She has lived abroad in the US, Bahrain and Lebanon. She now splits her time between Lebanon and Saudi Arabia.

She decided to wear the niqab, the full face covering worn by many women in Saudi Arabia, and then write about it.

She began the experiment on July 20th, and it lasted for one week. In her blog she chronicles her reaction to wearing the niqab and how others react to her.

Usually she wears an abaya and a head scarf. Sometimes no head scarf.

Anchor Lisa Mullins talks to Jarbou, to get more details about her experiment.

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