Kansas considers removing Obama from the November ballot

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A GOP-controlled board in Kansas is considering removing President Obama from the November ballot due to concerns about his birth certificate. 

The board will be considering a challenge filed by Joe Montgomery, a Manhattan resident, who Monday objected to Obama being on the ballot, according to the Huffington Post.

“I’m here to uphold the rule of law, and the Constitution of the United States, somebody has to do it," Montgomery told the board according to Kansas.com. 

The State Objections Board comprised of Secretary of State Kris Kobach, Attorney General Derek Schmidt and Lt. Gov. Jeff Colyer, have delayed its decision on the matter until Monday, citing that they did not have "sufficient evidence" to make a decision. Kobach said in order to make the decision the board needed certification from Hawaii officials that the long-form birth certificate made public by the White House and available online is authentic, according to Kansas.com. 

Kobach is an informal adviser to GOP presidential nominee Mitt Romney, according to USA Today.  

Kobach told the Topeka Capital-Journal, "I don't think it's a frivolous objection. I do think the factual record could be supplemented."

In the filing Montgomery wrote:

Barack Obama, according to multiple sources, was not born to a citizen father. His father was never even admitted to this country as a resident alien. Barack Obama Sr. retained his British and Kenyan citizenship and passed them onto his son, which Mr. Obama has publicly claimed on his Fight the Smears website. The Supreme Court specified that natural-born citizenship inherently excludes dual citizenship through a citation in US. v. Wong Kim Ark (which was citing US. v Rhodes, noting that one could only be a British subject or a natural-born citizen, and not hold both citizenships): All persons born in the allegiance of the King are natural-born subjects, and all persons born in the allegiance of the United States are natural-born citizens.

In April, 2011, Obama released his long form birth certificate following a push by Republicans, and Donald Trump, to release it. The certificate noted that Obama was born in Hawaii. 

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