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From TV Theme Song to All-Spanish Album, Guatemala's Gaby Moreno

The theme song for the TV show Parks and Recreation was co-written by Guatemalan singer-songwriter Gaby Moreno.

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But Gaby Moreno does more than TV themes.

She's got a new CD out called "Postales".

Now, I've known about her music for a couple of years, but it never really touched me until I got her new record about three weeks ago.

It's as if she's come home with this new album.

She's found her voice.

On "Postelas" Gaby Moreno sings all the songs in Spanish; the songs on her previous album were in English and Spanish.

And I have to say, she's equally good in English as she is in Spanish.

"Ave que Emigra" means "bird that migrates."

It's a song all about coming to the United States, but it's not the typical immigrant song.

It's just a very subtle song about coming to a new country.

She's beautifully arranged it in a kind-of American folk tune.

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    CD Cover to Gaby Moreno's "Postales" (Credit: Warner Music Latina)

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    Gaby Moreno at Universal City Walk (Photo: