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Anti-US Protests Spread to Yemen


Protesters climb a fence at the U.S. embassy in Sana'a. (Photo: REUTERS/Mohamed Al-Sayaghi)

Anti-American protests spread further across the Middle East on Thursday, fueled by anger at an anti-Muslim film made in the US.

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There were demonstrations in Baghdad, Cairo, Tehran and Gaza.

But the most serious incident was in Yemen, where the American embassy in the capital, Sana'a, came under attack.

Reporter Iona Craig was there when it happened.

She says at one point security forces stepped back to allow protesters through.

They broke into the embassy grounds and set fire to two SUVs, as well as burning American flags and tires.

Security forces then intervened and drove the protesters back with tear gas, water cannon and live ammunition.

Craig says none of the protesters she spoke to had actually seen the movie.

Muslims say the film, "Innocence of Muslims", is blasphemous.