Crete: earthquake strikes Greek island

ATHENS, Greece - The southern Greek island of Crete was shaken awake this morning by an earthquake.

The quake measured 5.3 on the Richter scale but there were no reports of injuries or damages.

The quake occured at 6:20 am, said the Greek Reporter, and had an epicenter of eight miles down into the Earth's crust.

Another underwater quake followed near the island of Milos.

The quake is not the only potential natural disaster brewing under the Mediterranean nation.

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GlobalPost has already written about a ball of magma that is forming under the island of Santorini.

Scientists have warned that the ball could explode, possibly sending honeymooners to the actual moon.

Despite the impending disasters, the Greek government has been frantically putting its smaller islands up for lease.

The lease of 40 uninhabited islands may bring in up to 50 billion euros, said Bloomberg.

Outright sales of islands are, so far, out of the question as they remain highly controversial.