There are some things the late Brazilian guitarist and singer-composer Luis Luiz Bonfá would still recognize about New York City today. His 1959 recording of "A Brazilian in New York" seems to capture the sound of the city. And here's something else Bonfá would relate to: The cosmopolitan face of the city still attracts people from across the planet. This includes another Brazilian guitarist who now makes his home in New York. Mauricio Pessoa. The music on Mauricio Pessoa's just-released album "Habitat" emerged after numerous trips he made over the past few years between New York and Rio de Janeiro. Pessoa arrived in New York two and a half years ago to attend the Juilliard School of music. Like so many people who dream of making it in New York, Pessoa had his New York City goal. Graduating from Juilliard was great, but he also dreamed of coming to New York to record an album. Enjoy these two tracks from his "Habitat".
  • Luiz Bonfá "Solo in Rio 1959" CD Cover (Credit: Smithsonian Folkways)

  • Mauricio Pessoa "Habitat" CD Cover (Credit: CEN)

  • Mauricio Pessoa's "Habitat"

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