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Great Weekend Reads


Delegates from California listen to Ann Romney, the wife of Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney, at the Tampa Bay Times Forum in Tampa, on Aug. 28, during the Republican National Convention.


Robyn Beck

US politics dominated the news this week, with the Republicans gathering in Tampa to nominate Mitt Romney, and President Obama jumping on Reddit for Ask Me Anything. Outside the United States, Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi denouced Syrian President Bashar al-Assad's regime as "oppressive" at a summit of the Non-Aligned Movement (NAM) in Iran.

No matter how you cut it, it's been a big week for the world. Here's a sampling of the most important stories from GlobalPost and a look at some of the news you might have missed. 

In-Depth Series: Germany and the euro-debt crisis
As international lenders to the European Union’s crisis-ridden countries prepare to undertake a crucial series of decisions over the coming weeks, one country will have the largest say. Can German Chancellor Angela Merkel lead Europe's largest economy back to prosperity?



Red, white and, er, beige: Republican dress codes
Some ruminations on the fashion parade at the RNC in Tampa.






The naked truth about Britain’s scandal-proof prince
Fresh Las Vegas revelations would be unlikely to hurt Harry, who appears to become more popular the harder he parties.






Obama joins Reddit for Ask Me Anything
President Barack Obama goes where no president before him has: to Reddit.






Egypt: Morsi blasts Syria in new course with Iran
Morsi’s appearance at the NAM summit in Tehran marks the first symbolic shift in Egypt’s foreign policy since Mubarak’s ousting.






In-Depth Series: Gold rush to Myanmar
In two short years, a reform movement led by ex-generals has transformed a junta-run backwater into Asia’s new investment attraction. But there’s a catch. Yangon is no ready-made Shanghai. Still, the companies have come, and the money is flowing.