TV crew suspected in shooting Venezuela farm worker

A worker at a state-supported farm in Venezuela was wounded in a shooting and a member of a TV crew is suspected.

The incident is said to have involved a TV crew from the Globovision channel, which has a critical view of President Hugo Chavez and his government, reported the Associated Press. Vice President Elias Jaua said in a statement that the shooting happened Tuesday at a farming project in north-central Aragua state.

A Globovision crew entered the farm and was approached by a group of workers who demanded they leave, the statement continued. According to Prensa Latina, farm equipment operator Rafael Canizales, 34, was wounded in the neck by a gunshot that was apparently fired by a member of the TV crew.

The TV channel said in a statement on Wednesday that it was cooperating fully with authorities and does not condone the use of firearms during journalistic work, noted the AP. Globovision said its team "was impeded in their work by presumed local workers who attacked them with blunt objects." It also said details of the incident have yet to be confirmed by investigating authorities.

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According to Jaua's statement, Chavez has ordered a "rapid and deep investigation of the facts by relevant agencies, to identify those directly and indirectly responsible for that criminal attack and process them," said Prensa Latina.