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Elvis' soiled undies expected to fetch thousands at auction


This pair of dirty Elvis underwear will be put up for auction this Saturday and may fetch $16,000 or more.


Omega Auctions

Elvis' dirty underwear is going up for auction - an event that may finally prove who is the most die-hard fan of the King.

The soiled underwear, complete with urine stains, comes from a 1977 performance and is expected to fetch over $16,000.

Naturally, the underwear comes framed.

The Daily Mail reported that the underwear is going on the auction block near Manchester, UK at Omega Auctions, a purveyor of Elvis kitsch.

The underwear was obtained from Vernon Presley, Elvis' father and had been on display at the Elvis-A-Rama museum in Nevada before being bought back by Graceland where they were "retired," said

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Elvis died 35 years ago this month, on August 16, 1977 and the anniversary is expected to draw fans to next month's auction.

The light-blue drawers are not the only piece of Elvis history up for purchase at the auction house.

Elvis' Bible is also up for sale with handwritten notes and underlines, one of which reads: "What is a man advantaged if he gain the whole world and lose himself or be cast away," reported BBC.

A gun holster and home footage of the King on holiday with his family will also be put under the hammer, along with other items, said Spinner.