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Typhoon Bolaven Devastates Asia

While the United States is braced for the weather to come from Hurricane Isaac — Typhoon Bolaven has caused devastation in Asia.

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Nine Chinese fishermen have been killed and several others are missing after their boats capsized as Bolaven hit South Korea, officials say.

The two boats were just off Jeju island when they capsized. The South Korean coast guard rescued 12 crew members, while six others swam to shore.

Three other people have also died in separate incidents in the country.

The typhoon has cut power to tens of thousands of homes. Trees have been felled and many flights cancelled.

A total of 33 people were on board the two ships when they were hit by high waves and winds, the coast guard said.

Several crew members were hauled to safety by rescue personnel using ropes. A search is continuing for those still missing, emergency personnel said.

In other parts of the country a man was crushed by a shipping container, a woman fell off her roof and another person was hit by debris from a building.

Across the country ferry services and hundreds of flights have been cancelled. All schools in Seoul and most others nationwide have closed for the day, Yonhap news agency reported.