Hall & Oates shut down anti-Romney Super PAC

Recording artists Daryl Hall (L) and John Oates have shut down a Super PAC started by fans to defeat Mitt Romney. The Hall and Oates Fans for America Super PAC was set up by a pair of Atlanta-based fans to raise money for parody videos deriding the Republican ticket.
Credit: David Livingston

Sadly, if you were planning on writing a check to The Hall and Oates Fans for America Super PAC, you have missed your chance. 

Once the actual Hall and Oates, that's Daryl Hall and John Oates, heard that fans started the political group to damage the campaign of Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney, they asked for it to be shut down, reports Rolling Stone.

The 80's super duo did not want their name on a political group raising money even if it was just for fun, reports Atlantic Wire. 

"Daryl Hall and John Oates recognize that the personal view points of their fans cross all political spectrums and are honored to be supported by their fans everywhere regardless of political affiliation," the band said in a statement.

"The PAC’s founders recognize that the use of the 'Hall' and 'Oates' names for the purpose of raising funds is not an appropriate fan activity no matter what the goal of the fund raising activities might be."

The Super PAC's founders Billy Hansmann and Anthony Schuch from Atlanta, Georgia told Rolling Stone earlier this week that they planned to use any funds donated to the group to create videos against Republican hopefuls Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan.

"I find it really unfortunate that Republicans tend to play such hardball and with very little response from the Democratic side," said Hansmann, who told Rolling Stone that he is a Libertarian and is unhappy with the Republican Party.

"Why with the exception of a couple comics out there are people not going after some of these guys?"

Hansmann told the Atlantic Wire that he understood why Hall and Oates would ask him to shut the group down but that he and his partners already have plans to make parody videos based on Hall and Oates' songs. 

"It's unfortunate," he said. "At the same time, it's probably how it was going to end." 

And now, just for fun: 

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