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Cougar wanders into home, attacks woman on couch


A cougar rests inside its cage of the Nicaraguan National Zoo on April 22, 2009, during Earth Day in Managua.



A Canadian woman’s dog helped her fend off a cougar attack after the starving cat wandered into the family home through an open door on the weekend.

The incident happened in Trail, British Columbia on Saturday night, The Province newspaper reported.

Angie Prime, 35, suffered only minor injuries to her leg.

She said the cat looked old and emaciated, but that it was still dangerous.

“My neighbors beside me heard me screaming, and my neighbor across the street heard me and they came running out,” she said today, according to CBC News.

“So scary and so surreal,” said Prime, who told CBC she is 4-foot-2 and 78 pounds. “I can just be happy that I was barely even injured. That is just absolutely amazing.”

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Prime was on the couch talking to her husband on the phone when the animal appeared.

One of Prime’s three dogs – a border collie – jumped off the living room sofa and tried to attack the big cat.

The dog eventually chased the cougar back outside through the door it came into the home from.

Police and conservation officers found the cougar a day later and destroyed it.

“It was near death’s door, which makes them bold,” RCMP Sgt. Rob Hawton told the Castlegar Source. “This is an extremely rare occurrence.”

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