Threats against Todd Akin being investigated by authorities


Missouri Rep. Todd Aiken defended his no-exceptions abortion policy by saying "legitimate rape" rarely causes pregnancy.


courtesty Rep. Todd Aiken's Facebook page

Authorities are currently investigating threats made against Representative Todd Akin, his staff and family members, following his controversial comments about rape and abortion.

Though Capitol Police does not discuss the security of Members of Congress, in an email to the Washington Post, spokeswoman Lt. Kimberly Schneider said that this was "an active, open investigation."

Akin, a six-term Republican congressman from Missouri, drew fire for his comments during a televised interview in which he said that that it was difficult for women to get pregnant from "legitimate rape."

According to Politico, threats against the Congressman came via email, phone call and Twitter following his interview.

A spokesman for Akin, Steve Taylor, has confirmed that threat to the Washington Post, stating that "over the last couple of days, there's been threats of rape of staff, the congressman's family, and suggestions that people die." Taylor also verified that both Capitol Police and the FBI are seeking to establish "which threats are accurate or how to contextualize them."

Many political figures, including President Barack Obama, have spoken out against Akin's comment.

Presumptive GOP nominee, Mitt Romney said during a campaign stop in New Hampshire, that Akin "should understand that his words with regards to rape are not words that I can defend, that we can defend, or that we can defend him," the Atlantic reported.

Akin, who is running against incumbent Sen. Claire McCaskill, has refused to drop out of the race, though poling data suggests that he is 10 percentage points behind his opponent.