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Report: Germany may ask Greece to exit the euro zone 'temporarily'


Will Germany try to reconstruct the euro zone without Greece?


Sean Gallup

Market News International is reporting that the German Finance Ministry may ask Greece to exit the euro zone "temporarily" while it straightens out its finances.

From MNI, citing unnamed "senior eurozone officials" as sources:

The officials said that in the view of German Finance Ministry officials mulling the plan, it is now the most likely scenario. But it is not a done deal. There is strong opposition to such a plan among some key European officials, and no decision is likely at least until the end of the year.

“It is another working scenario which is not new but has emerged in the past month as the most likely outcome for the German finance ministry,” one of the officials said. “There is a team under [German Finance Minister] Wolfgang Schaeuble that believes Greece’s public finances will need many years to return to acceptable levels.”

The report goes on:

“It all comes down to the fact that Greece will need a third loan. Even if everyone denies it, we all know it’s unavoidable,” this official said. But because of rising political pressure in Germany and other core Eurozone countries, “this decision will be delayed as much as possible.”

He added that, “the hawkish team of the German finance ministry believes that since Greece will need more money, it would be better given as a bridge loan to facilitate a temporary exit.”

The official noted: “It would be better received politically within Germany, the Netherlands, Finland and other countries like Slovakia and Estonia if the new loan were sold as the final one and tied to a Greek exit from the Eurozone, which would be regarded as punishment.”

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