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Waitress assaulted by three customers for filling up water glasses too often


A witness at the restaurant said the women became upset because the waitress was continuously filling up their glasses.

Three female diners were arrested for attacking their waitress who they claim was filling up their water glasses too often.

According to, witnesses said the women became annoyed with the server for her enthusiastic refilling of their water. 

As the server walked away from their table, one of the women picked up a glass full of water and threw it, hitting the victim in the back of the head, the witness said.

When the waitress turned around, she was hit in the face with a flying menu.

The waitress was treated by a paramedic, but was not taken to hospital.

CBS reported the women, Sharrell Evans, 21, Britley Green, 22, and Geneen Green, 44, were held until police arrived.

They were charged with mob action and aggravated battery in a public place, and bail was set at $50,000.

Another waitress was attacked at the same restaurant in December, this time by four customers. One of the women in that attack, Ania Wilkes, of Ferguson, was charged with aggravated battery and mob action.