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Binge-drinking college kids happier than non-binge drinkers, study says


Think before you drink in Ecuador.


Jeff Pachoud

Students who binge drink in college are happier than their non-bingeing peers, according to new research, but it's not because of the booze.

Binge-drinking corresponds to social status on many college campuses. Binge-drinking students tend to have a higher social status, which is likely why they're happier with their social lives than their more moderate peers, according to the study presented at the annual meeting of the American Sociological Association in Denver this week.

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And the higher a student's social status, the more likely they were to binge drink, Live Science reported.

Rich white frat boys engaged in binge drinking way more than "lower status" groups like women, minorities and low-income students. They also reported having the greatest social satsifaction at school, according to Time magazine.

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"Lower status" students could boost their social satisfaction to the frat boy level by binge drinking, the study concluded.

The study was only performed at Colgate University, but researchers hope it will shed some light on why students continue to binge drink despite the risks. 

Hsu hopes to expand the research to other campuses, according to Live Science.