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14-year-old girl becomes youngest to swim across Lake Ontario


One British man attempted to swim from France to US after catching Olympic fever.


Cameron Spencer

Some teenagers wash cars or walk to raise money for charity. 14-year-old Annaleise Carr decided to swim across Lake Ontario.

Carr wanted to help at Camp Trillium, a program for kids with cancer. But she was too young to work as a counselor—and that's when she got her idea. She'd try to become the youngest person to swim across Lake Ontario. 

The Ontario native successfully crossed the lake at 9:00 PM last night, reported the Star newspaper, becoming the youngest girl ever to swim the 52-kilometer crossing.

According to her website, she apparently is rather surprised by all the media attention. She was taken to a children's hospital last night and reportedly is absolutely fine—if understandably exhausted. 

Carr was inspired by Marilyn Bell, who first made the crossing at age 16 in 1956, reports the Globe and Mail. Carr's funding drive continues until October 2, and readers may donate here. 

Carr has thus far raised a whopping $90,000 for Camp Trillum. Maybe they'll let her be a counselor next year.