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Great Weekend Reads

Pussy Riot was sentenced to two years in prison. Julian Assage of WikiLeaks fame won an Ecuador asylum bid. GlobalPost's Senior Correspondent Patrick Winn flirted his way into eating a fistful of bugs in Bangkok.

No matter how you cut it, it's been a big week for the world. Here's a sampling of the most important stories from GlobalPost and a look at some of the news you might have missed. 


In-depth series: Pussy Riot found guilty
What does the Pussy Riot verdict mean for Russia, Putin and the future of protest in the country? Here's GlobalPost coverage out of Moscow and around the world.



In-depth series: WikiLocked
Here is a look at GlobalPost's complete coverage of the Wikileaks saga, from London to Quito and beyond.





A Friday in Bangkok: Patrick Winn takes over @GlobalPost
GlobalPost correspondents add some local spice to @GlobalPost. We start with A Friday In Bangkok.






Highway 2012: Ryan in Iowa
Republican Mitt Romney's vice-presidential candidate Paul Ryan hits the stump at the Iowa State Fair.





Syrian conflict: A proxy war against Iran?
It started as a democratic uprising. Now, it’s a transnational war on Syrian turf.





Beijing schools Hong Kong in Communism
Residents of capitalist Hong Kong seethe over the Chinese Communist Party's efforts to indoctrinate school kids. 





Inspecting Inspectors: Walmart and Chiquita immune to labor oversight in Honduras
When labor officials are ill-equipped and powerless, workers' complaints can hardly be investigated.





Planet Pic: The many faces of Julian Assange
Photos: To some, WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange is the advocate of transparency. To others, he's a criminal trying to escape justice.





The Earth Project: Desert Oasis
Video: Activists bring renewable energy to remote Palestinian village.






How to report from inside North Korea
Hint: Being a journalist won't help you much.






Whales can't communicate because of all the noise we're making, say researchers
A new study shows that North Atlantic Right whales had their ability to communicate with each other seriously impaired due to noise in the ocean caused by ships.