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Ogling British drivers cause a million accidents per year (VIDEO)


Ogling British drivers lusting after the opposite sex cause a million accidents per year, according to a new study by a UK insurance company.


John W. Adkisson

Ogling British drivers were found to be a menace to the roads in a new study by a UK insurance company.

The study concluded that motorists distracted by the opposite sex (men and women) cause over 2500 crashes everyday, equalling nearly one million per year.

Rates of accidents caused by pervy drivers naturally spike during summer months when men and women are wearing less attire, reported the Daily Mail.

"The number of crashes caused in this way have not changed year on year so drivers obviously are not learning to keep their eyes on the road," said Matt Owen, a rep for Direct Line insurance that released the study, said PTI.

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The study also made a number of fascinating findings.

Some sixty percent of men admitted to being distracted by attractive women while driving and 17 percent said they knew their actions were dangerous.

Women's answers were more coy.

Only 12 percent said they looked lustfully after men from their driver's seat, reported Car Advice.