Report: Iraq attack leaves at least 10 dead north of Baghdad


An Iraqi policeman takes pictures of debris at the site of a blast in Baquba, the provincial capital of the Diyala province, on February 23, 2012.



Three bomb attacks struck two Iraqi towns near Baghdad late today, killing at least 10 people, local officials told the Associated Press

The first blast took place in the northeastern town of Baqouba and the other two hit the northern city of Muqdadiyah, both cities located in Diyala province, an area that used to be held by Al Qaeda, according to AP

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The Baqouba attack killed two civilians and one police officer and wounded five others, local police told AP

In Muqdadiyah, a car bomber hit the town's busy market area right as people were preparing for the evening meal after fasting all day in observance of the holy Islamic month of Ramadan, said AP.

Another bomb reportedly hit when police showed up at the market following the attack.

The two Muqdadiyah blasts killed at least seven people and injured 26, officials told AP