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Northern French Town Faced with Rioting


French police stand guard near a car destroyed in overnight clashes where gangs of youths set cars, bins and a school ablaze in Amiens August 14, 2012. About 100 youths burned cars, a leisure centre and a nursery school according to an official from the prefect's office. REUTERS/Pascal Rossignol (FRANCE - Tags: CRIME LAW)



In France on Wednesday, an immigrants' community in the town of Amiens is tense after two straight days of clashes between youth and police.

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Young people burned down a school, a gym, and several cars.

Seventeen police officers were injured.

Those disturbances occurred after a police check interrupted the memorial service of a young man who'd died in a motorcycle accident.

French journalist and political commentator Christine Ockrent tells anchor Marco Werman that Amiens is a pressure cooker for disenfranchised youth without jobs — or opportunities.

She says president Francois Hollande, who has been in office just over 100 days, is faced with a difficult crisis.