Suicide bombers in Afghanistan kill at least 28


US soldiers inspect the site of a suicide attack near the gate of Kandahar international airport on January 19, 2012. A suicide bomber killed at least seven people and wounded eight on January 19 in an attack at Kandahar international airport in war-torn southern Afghanistan, officials said.



Afghan officials today said three suicide bombers killed at least 28 people in what is normally a relatively peaceful southwestern provice, reported Reuters.

Today's attack in Nimroz province left some 70 people injured, officials said, with the number of casulties expected to grow, according to Reuters

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The blasts hit the city of Zaranj as people were shopping for food after fasting all day in observance of Islam's holy month of Ramadan, said the Guardian. The city, capital of the province, lies near the country's Iranian border. 

The first bombing took place in the city center, while police shot at two other militants elsewhere in the city in gunfire that automatically detonated the militants' explosives, according to the Guardian, citing local officials. 

The violence is the worst such attack seen in the entire Nimroz province since 2001, said Reuters. It comes amid an uptick of Taliban-lead violence throughout the country, reported the Guardian.

Such incidents add to mounting concerns over the planned transition of security when foreign troops withdraw from Afghanistan in 2014.