Texas A&M shooting: Three dead, including suspected gunman


A police office takes cover behind a car near Texas A&M campus in College Station where a shooter is reported to have shot several people, including one police office on Aug. 13, 2012.


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College Station police say officer Brian Bachman, a Brazos County Constable, and an unnamed civilian were killed today after a gunman opened fire near Texas A&M University's campus, according to KEYE TV

A police spokesperson said the unidentified gunman had died of gunshot wounds. 

The New York Times reported several people were wounded by a gunman who fired from a house with automatic weapons.

Texas A&M University posted on its website at 12:29 pm:

"Code Maroon issued: Avoid Area. CSPD reports an active shooter in the area immediately southeast of the intersection of Welborn Rd and George Bush Drive. Please avoid the area. Residents in the immediate area need to remain inside their residence."

By 12:44 pm the shooter was in custody. 

Video from ABC13 confirms these reports:

The shooting took place two blocks from Texas A&M campus. 

Barbara Murphy, 84, who lives near Fidelity Drive, said she heard about six or eight gunshots at around 12:30. About ten to 15 minutes later, she said, she heard another round of gunshots, The New York Times reported.

“We’re doing a lot of remodeling around here, but then I realized it couldn’t just be a hammer,” she said. “About that time a neighbor called and said don’t go outside.”

The investigation is ongoing.

The gunman's motives are unknown. 

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