Maga Bo (Photo: Oriana-Eliçabe)

Brazil is a country of rich cultures – Portuguese, indigenous and African, among others. For Friday's Geo Quiz, we're looking for one storied group from Brazil's African community. Many of them were runaway slaves. They formed their own communities in colonial Brazil. And they were known for their cultural resistance to Portuguese rule. Their descendants still live in the Brazilian countryside. Do you know their name? Music producer Maga Bo made it part of the title of his new album, "Quilombo Do Futuro". The answer is: Quilombo. They influenced the music and culture in Brazil. Maga Bo says his new record is full of Afro-Brazilian rhythms mixed with urban music from around the world, mostly in the dub and hip-hop strain. Maga Bo is originally from Seattle. In 1999 he bought a one way ticket to Rio de Janeiro and ending up staying there. The music video to the song "No Balanco Da Canoa" features Rosangela Macedo and Marcelo Yuka. It's a mix of coco, ragga and dub.

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