Hillary Clinton plans for Syria’s ‘Day After’


US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton arrives at a meeting of Western and Arab foreign ministers on the Syrian crisis at the ministry of foreign Affairs in Paris on April 19, 2012.



As Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton prepares to hold emergency talks on Syria this weekend in Turkey, the US and its allies are looking ahead to the end of President Bashar al-Assad’s regime.

According to Reuters, the upcoming emergency talks are expected to focus, in part, on the anticipated period right after Assad leaves office.

The Washington Post reported Clinton suggested on Tuesday that the US was accelerating plans what she called “the day after.”

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“I do think we can begin talking about and planning for what happens next,” Clinton said yesterday in South Africa.

“The intensity of the fighting in Aleppo, the defections, really point out how imperative it is that we come together and work toward a good transition plan,” she added.

According to the Washington Post, the talks are also likely to include "getting aid or other assistance into Syria" from Turkey.

Reuters also reported that the US and its allies have pledged to increase political support for the Syrian opposition, as their hands are effectively tied at the United Nations Security Council with vetoes from Russia and China.