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Young dancer Natasha Diamond-Walker sued by 73-year-old lover for "faking romance" so he would buy her an apartment


The suit was filed on Monday in Manhattan Supreme Court, with Calenda seeking damages for the cost of the condo, plus an extra $1million.



According to court papers, Natasha Diamond-Walker, faking her love for the prominent Italian theater director, aged 73, and tricked him into buying her an apartment on New York's Upper West Side. 

“She manipulated our client and took advantage of him to finance her purchase of a luxury Manhattan apartment,” said Calenda's lawyer, Marc Fitapelli, in The New York Daily News.

“She never had any intentions to repay our client and she abruptly severed their relationship as soon as she got what she wanted.”

The suit was filed on Monday in Manhattan Supreme Court.

Mr Calenda is seeking damages including the cost of the one-bedroom condo plus an extra $1 million.

The couple met while working on a project in Italy together last year and began a 10-month relationship, which friends said appeared genuine.

"They had a personal relationship ... They're both adults," LaRue Allen, executive director of the Martha Graham company, said to the Daily News.

"'Things don't always have a way of working out," he added.