President Obama celebrates 51st birthday at Camp David


U.S. President Barack Obama.


Alex Wong

President Barack Obama celebrated his 51st birthday at Camp David with a round of golf.

The quiet weekend was a much needed respite from the President's busy schedule just three months ahead the election.

The Associated Press reported Obama played golf with friends and White House aides at Andrews Air Force Base before heading to the retreat.

Historian Douglas Brinkley told NBC "anything Obama does that seems too self-congratulatory can get spun," he said. "If there’s ever a year he’s not gonna showboat, it would be this one.”

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In an email to supporters, Obama warned that his birthday “could be the last" he celebrates as president saying "but that’s not up to me — it’s up to you," the AP wrote.

What does Obama want for this birthday?

At a Thursday rally in Florida, Obama joked "winning Florida wouldn’t be a bad birthday present.”

The Hill reported the Republican National Committee delivered a birthday cake to the Democratic National Committee on Friday, which sent it back, featuring a picture of Obama with the words "you didn't bake this."

The text refers to a comment by Obama last month in which he said, “If you’ve got a business, you didn’t build that."

Along with the cake, the Democrats sent a copy of a report that found Romney’s tax proposal would give millionaires a broad tax cut and not give the same tax relief to middle class Americans.

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