Iran claims to have successfully test-fired new short-range missile, most accurate weapon in arsenal


Iran's 200-kilometre (120-mile) range Qader (Ghader) ground-to-sea missile is launched during war games near the Strait of Hormuz on Jan. 2, 2012.


Ebrahim Noroozi

Iran today said it had successfully tested a new version of its short-range ballistic missile, reported the Associated Press

The announcement comes amid mounting concern of possible military action between Israel and Iran. 

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Iranian Defense Minister General Ahmad Vahidi announced on state television today that the upgraded Fateh-110 missile now has a reach of 300 kilometers, or 185 miles, and can even target positions at sea, said AP

The old Fateh-110 (the name means Conqueror) went into action in 2002. This new version has added 60-odd miles to its reach, reported AP. Iranian officials have said they were working on developing weapons capable of hitting naval targets.

The Jerusalem Post today said the Fateh series "is of particular interest to Israel" because Hezbollah has allegedly created hundreds of imitations of the missile and, according to the Post, "is believed to be storing the M600 [missiles] in private homes throughout southern and central Lebanon."

Iran is known to be a strong supporter of Hezbollah.