British mom finds boa constrictor in bathroom, thought it was a 'mouldy banana'


Actress Angelina Jolie of the US and actor Colin Farrell take on a boa constrictor while appearing on the popular German TV show 'Wetten, Dass...?' ('Let's Bet...?'), which has celebrity contestants betting on whether outlandish feats can be performed or not. Small beans compared with finding a while boa constrictor in one's bathroom, however.


Joerg Koch

There was no way Stacey Way was going to peel the skin off the banana rotting in her bathroom -- not because it was gross, but because the banana turned out to be something harder to skin: a massive boa constrictor, according to Britain's The Telegraph

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The 28-year-old mother of two young toddlers told the paper she was scrubbing the bathroom in her home in Parkstone in England's Dorset county recently and noticed "what I thought was a mouldy banana." 

Well, I'll get to that later, she thought, little realizing the decision put her and her little ones in imminent danger. 

"Three days later I was bathing my two little ones and wiped around the floor again when I saw that this thing was sticking out more than before but as I got closer it went back in. I was so shocked, I couldn't believe it," she told the Telegraph.

"I looked closer and realised that the banana, or now snake, had a mouth."

Turned out to be a big mouth capable of eating "almost anything they can catch and stretch their jaws to swallow large prey whole," as the Telegraph described the deadly boa constrictor found living under Way's bathroom floorboards. 

Native to the Americas, boa constrictors often grow up to 13 feet long. Way told Britain's The Daily Echo that the one she found was three-to-four feet long. 

"Now I think I'm seeing snakes everywhere," Way told the Telegraph, later adding, "I don't mind snakes from a distance, but not in my bathroom."

The snake has since been removed by a reptile center, according to the paper