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The unlikely but adorable friendship of orphans kangaroo Anzac and wombat Peggy


Anzac and Peggy.


Wildlife Kilmore Rescue Centre

Everyone's gushing over the cutest little animal friendship ever...pouched?

That's right: a pouch is where baby wombat Peggy met fellow orphan Anzac at an Australian animal rescue center, reported Yahoo!News

Anzac, a five-month-old joey, was found abandoned in the Macedon Ranges and brought to Wildlife Kilmore Rescue Centre in Victoria, Australia.

But the "very social" Anzac was lonely -- in the Biblical sense? a bit young, no? -- so caretakers had him share a cozy little pouch with similarly "boisterous and cheeky" wombat Peggy, according to Britain's Daily Mail

Result? "World Melts," pronounced The Huffington Post (adding emphatically: "PICTURES").

Luckily, both are herbivores, the Daily Mail pointed out, so their their friendship won't be threatened by more, um, elemental urges.

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Shelter worker Lisa Milligan said the two baby animals are comforted by one another's presence, especially the heartbeat, according to Yahoo!News.