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Suri to attend $40,000 school in New York


Katies Holmes is believed to have opted against an all-girls Catholic School and instead will send Suri to an exclusive "world" school.


Stephen Lovekin

Despite reports her mother wanted her to attend an all-girls Catholic School in Manhattan, it is rumoured little Suri Cruise will be going to an exclusive and very expensive "world" school which opens this Fall.

According to Life & Style, Avenues calls itself a "world school" because it will have branches in China, India, Africa and Europe, along with other U.S. cities, enabling jetsetter Suri to do semesters around the globe.

A source quoted in Life & Style said: "Katie has eagerly been telling Suri all about the lunchrooms, basketball courts and different activities Avenues offers. Suri's really excited about it."

The New York Daily News said the school is in Chelsea, not far from the family's luxury apartment.

It overlooks one of New York's favourite eco attractions, the High Line, and has a rooftop playground and a fitness center, plus a gym with full-sized basketball and volleyball courts.

Contacted by the New York Daily News, Avenues spokesman Bruce Bobbins said, “We don’t make any comment on any perspective student, current student, family member, anything.”