We're in Colombia for our Geo Quiz on Tuesday, and we are looking for the name of the country's second city. In the 1980s, this city was reputed to be the most violent in world. But murder rate is way down. And the city is now known as a mecca for the arts. The painter and sculptor Fernando Botero was born here. And it's also where you'll find the famous Discos Fuentes recording studio. Discos Fuentes is one of the most famous record labels and studios in the world. And it's in Medellin, Colombia – the answer to today's Geo Quiz. It was at Discos Fuentes where Colombian musician Mario Galeano and British DJ Will Holland formed Ondatropica. It's an eclectic group with over 40 musicians from all the musical genres Colombia is known for: cumbia, fandango and more.

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