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Baby walrus rescue mission saves 2 more in Alaska (VIDEO)


A staff member comforts an orphaned walrus calf at the Alaska SeaLife Center in Seaward.


Alaska SeaLife Center

Animal workers and the Coast Guard combined to save two more orphaned walruses today in Alaska, transporting the young animals to an aquarium for much-needed care.

That makes three of the animals rescued in about 10 days, The Associated Press reported.

Residents of Barrow noticed a group of Pacific walruses on ice floes around Alaska’s northernmost city on July 17.

It appears the pack left the young males behind.

The first walrus is recovering and gaining weight, but the other two are much smaller than the first was, Alaska SeaLife Center president Tara Riemer Jones said. 

“We’re suspecting these two were away from their mothers for longer,” she told The AP.

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All were malnourished.

The first walrus calf was rescued on July 21 near Barrow when fishermen called the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, the Alaska Dispatch said.

SeaLife staff estimate the animal’s age at 4 to 6 weeks old.

The two latest calves needed immediate veterinarian care, but no flights were available, so the Coast Guard stepped in to help, KTVA reported.

The Coast Guard shipped the animals south using a huge Hercules airplane.

“There was not a flight available, and these guys were in critical condition and needed to get back to our veterinarian standing by in Anchorage,” SeaLife’s Tim Lebling told KTVA.

From Anchorage, the animals were taken by truck to Seaward.

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