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'Dark Knight Rises' tops disappointing box office weekend


Director Christopher Nolan (C) poses with cast members attending his Hand and Foot print ceremony in front of Grauman's Chinese Theater in Hollywood on July 7, 2012 in California.



"The Dark Knight Rises" is No. 1 at the box office for the second consecutive weekend in the US, amid overall disappointing summer movie ticket sales.

Tickets to the Batman movie were down some 60 percent to $64.1 million during its second weekend in theaters, according to the Los Angeles Times.

The film, which has grossed $289.1 million in the US and Canada, has earned about $25 million less than the last Batman movie at the same time  back in 2008, said the LA Times.

Research firm NRG said about 20 percent of moviegoers are still scared to go to the movies following the recent mass shooting in Aurora, Colorado during a showing of “The Dark Knight Rises," the New York Times reported. 

Studios also blamed the poor box office sales on competition from the London Olympics and bad weather across the nation, the Times wrote.

Meanwhile, The New York Daily News wrote James Holmes, the suspect in the Aurora theater shooting, says he has amnesia and doesn't know why he's been arrested.

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On Monday, Holmes is expected to be formally charged for allegedly killing 12 people and injuring another 58 others when he opened fire during a midnight screening of "The Dark Knight Rises" at an Aurora, Colo., theater last Friday.

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