Islamic State of Iraq, Al Qaeda group, claims Iraq attacks


Iraqi police and pedestrians look at the shell of a car, one of a series of car bombs targeting army and police patrols in Kirkuk and the eponymous province's towns of Tuz Khurmatu and Dibis which killed at least five people and wounded 20 others on July 23, 2012.



The group "Islamic State of Iraq," an Al-Qaeda affiliate, today posted a message on a militant website claiming responsibility for a spate of attacks in Iraq on Monday that killed over 100 people, reported the Associated Press

The group described the assaults as a "blessed foray" kicking off their new "Breaking the Walls" campaign aimed at rebuilding tribal strength in a bid to retake Sunni-held areas, said AP.

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The message also included a call for a "new stage of jihad," said Reuters

Monday's attacks, which took place in over a dozen locations around the country, left some 300 people wounded, said Reuters.

BBC News said security forces appeared to be a special target. 

US troops withdrew from Iraq in December, and Monday's violence -- the deadliest seen in Iraq in over two years -- reflects a growing challenge for local forces trying to maintain security.