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UConn gunman commits suicide after police standoff


Mitt Romney speaks at the 138th National Rifle Association of America meetings on May 15, 2009 in Phoenix, Arizona. Romney's position on gun control has evolved substantially over time.


Christian Petersen

A gunman struck fear on the University of Connecticut campus Monday before he killed himself. The drama began when his parents called police, saying their son was "despondent and armed," MSNBC reported. A few hours later he drove to the University of Connecticut. Police spotted him later that night and sent out an emergency alert ordering the school's Avery Point Campus in Groton to evacuate.

There is no student housing on that campus, the Associated Press reported

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Multiple police departments came to the campus and surrounded the man as he held a gun. Authorities tried to negotiate with him via cell phone, but he tossed the phone away and refused to cooperate, WebProNews reported.

Police shot bean bag guns at the man, but he still would not drop his weapon. The standoff ended when the man turned the gun on himself. "It was very dangerous situation for everyone involved," Lt. J Paul Vance told WTNH. "Our intent at all times was to peacefully disarm the individual and get him the help he needed. Again, to no success."